Lerato Kganyago defends Zodwa Wabantu from booty haters

17 January 2018 - 10:57
By Kyle Zeeman
Lerato Kganyago says it is Zodwa's prerogative to show off her booty.
Image: Via Lerato Kganyago's Instagram Lerato Kganyago says it is Zodwa's prerogative to show off her booty.

Lerato Kganyago has slammed people who have attacked Zodwa Wabantu for showing off her body, which continues to be a major talking point. 

During a discussion about women body shaming each other and policing what is acceptable behaviour, Lerato claimed that it was ironic to applaud celebs for their summer bodies, but criticise Zodwa when she did the same.

"Hypocrisy! So many Instagram girls and well known female personalities that pose with their behinds exposed and get all the 'serve, slay, fry us, etc' but Zodwa gets the name calling ?Why? Bayadika! Nonsensical! SMH"

Zodwa made headlines recently when a video of her taking off her panties on stage went viral on social media and led to a meeting with her boss, DJ Tira to discuss her conduct. 

Lerato explained that she did not condone Zodwa's behaviour on stage, only her right to wear a bikini and show off her booty without being judged by others. 

"You see that I don’t condone! But her posing in bikini’s with her behind out, nothing wrong. She’s no different to the rest of the other ladies who do it, famous or not, she too deserves all the praises!". 

The dancer's behaviour was called into question last week after comedian Celeste Ntuli labelled Zodwa "disgusting" for her pantyless antics. Zodwa responded by calling Celeste a "dirty pig" and telling her to stop using her name to promote her business.

The feud also drew reaction from actress Ayanda Borotho, who slammed suggestions that women showing off their private bits was liberal or feminist.