3 Emtee clapbacks that had us shook last night

18 January 2018 - 10:39 By Kyle Zeeman
Rapper Emtee has hit back at critics in a series of savage clapbacks.
Rapper Emtee has hit back at critics in a series of savage clapbacks.
Image: Via Instagram

Rapper Emtee has never been one to back down from an argument and he once again reaffirmed his status as one of the most savage celebs on social media this week with a series of hectic clapbacks.

Emtee has spoken before of his no-nonsense online persona that will respond to even the slightest provocation, so it was little surprise when a user burst onto his page to tell him to start rapping and Emtee hit back.

Emtee was criticised for his remarks but dusted off the hate and launched another attack at a user who he accused of being old and out of touch.

Emtee explained that he loved "everything and everyone" except those who attacked him, and challenged anyone who wanted a fight to leave their details in his DM.

Emtee told TshisaLIVE late last year that he was aware of what was constantly said about him online and did not appreciate haters trying to crack jokes at his expense.

He later released a single addressing his Twitter critics, claiming they were targeting him because he was successful.

"You be out here on your phone, posting on some kinda sh*t. N*ggas is out there, just talking and yapping. They hating on us because we do things... I pray for my enemies. They know I'm something that they'll never be," he rapped.