Mobi Dixon talks legacy & dealing with social media trolls

18 January 2018 - 15:40
By Chrizelda Kekana
Mobi Dixon won't let random people dim his light.
Image: Via Instagram Mobi Dixon won't let random people dim his light.

As a musician working on releasing a 10 year anniversary album, Mobi Dixon has shared that he's grateful for years of experience that has taught him invaluable lessons about legacy and protecting his brand from trolls.

Having managed to maintain a 'clean' image throughout the years, Mobi told TshisaLIVE how the availability of social media has made that responsibility more difficult, but he was not fazed by 'empty' remarks about him.

"People who have been following the brand, they know me and they know what I stand for. At the end of the day only God can judge us all, so I don't really take it to heart that there are people that will want to fight you for what you are ordained to do."

Like other celebrities, Mobi has been featured on social media posts and threads, where all sorts of different accusations have been thrown at him.

Just recently, there was a Facebook post that claimed he had a side chick who he was mistreating. 

"These things come with the territory, being a musician. I have learnt not to entertain unsubstantiated things, especially in the public space. I believe if anyone has anything to ask, or to accuse me of then, they must come to me directly."

Mobi added that he's too busy working on music and his other projects to bother about insignificant things. 

"I’ve been working on my documentary and its taking a bit longer because I want it to be perfect. We’ve been putting together pictures we’ve been collecting. I want it to come out with the 10 year celebration album and my motivational talks as well."

The DJ said he's tried his best to focus on his art and music and in an ideal world that would have nothing to do with his personal life. Mobi said he realises the lines between the two are often blurred but he would protect his family whenever he could.

"Married life is good, like really great. My son is almost one now. It's been quite an interesting experience journey, you know parenting but we've gotten the hang of things now. Well, obviously we learning everyday but I think we've been doing good so far."

Mobi said he was loving the journey  and that if they decide to have a white wedding it would not be a public affair.

"It will probably be a very private affair because we are really not that kind of couple."