iKhaya actor Saint Seseli on 'exposing' men with double lives

23 January 2018 - 07:30 By Chrizelda Kekana
Actor Saint Seseli plays the role of Eddie in iKhaya.
Actor Saint Seseli plays the role of Eddie in iKhaya.
Image: Via Instagram

A new drama shining the spotlight on the effects of infidelity and patriarchy on communities, particularly black communities, is keeping viewers on the edge of their seats and the lead man Saint Seseli is proud to be part of the cast. 

The actor told TshisaLIVE that while iKhaya tells a story that is all too familiar to most black communities, it's one that hasn't been explored on TV.

He said he knew it would spark debate and perhaps upset a few men.

"It's one of those topics that society has made taboo. It's never spoken about but everyone knows it happening. There's a folk saying that 'monna ke selepe wa kadimisana' (Pedi idiom meaning a man 'can' have multiple women) and stuff and this story focuses on it. It's exciting, it's also going to spark up debate that hopefully brings about revolution.

Saint, fluent in over seven South African languages, was the  perfect fit for the character of Eddie.

Eddie is a businessman, who is married to a rural Pedi woman in Limpopo and a Zulu wife in Johannesburg, who have no idea of each other's existence.

The actor said the story would address things "we always see but never speak about".

He added that certain themes would come to light more clearly as the story goes and that they hoped to highlight, particularly to men that their actions have a huge impact on those around them.

"The world is changing and in the space that the story is looking at, there are so many issues to deal with. There's a rise of feminism that is shown, then the story looks at the effects and impact of patriarchy and misogyny, to the women and children around them."

Saint also shared that the story hoped to highlight the "many stereotypes that we've just kept perpetuating that are related to the role of a man".

He said he was already approached by a couple of men asking why he's "exposing" men and he said he's up to the challenge because men need to re-evaluate their roles.

"I've had a lot of people come through and asking me how I could tackle such a role that "exposes" men like that. Some joke around with it, but the way my character lives a double life and has to change everything from language, to his ring to be a husband to two different wives and family settings. But a change is needed and if my role sparks a chain reaction, so be it."