IN MEMES: Uyang'thanda Na's Kagiso 'can’t afford' Lerato’s life

15 February 2018 - 10:30 By Kyle Zeeman
Lerato had high standards but settled for a kiss.
Lerato had high standards but settled for a kiss.
Image: Via Mzansi Magic

In perhaps one of the most surprising and confusing episodes of popular dating show Uyang'thanda Na yet, slay queen wannabe Lerato turned down Kagiso because she believed he could not afford to give her the lifestyle she craved.

Lerato was on the hunt for a blesser and made it pretty clear that she was all about that high-life. From drinking champagne to parading her weave collection, she was doing the most to attract a wealthy older man.

Unfortunately she got more than she had bargained for when Kagiso brought her onto the show to confess his love for her.

"I don't do small guys... boys like you. I was expecting a blesser," she told Kagiso.

Kagiso was devastated but his shock was nothing like what fans at home were feeling.

They took to social media to share their surprise at Lerato's preference and shade her suggestions that Kagiso couldn't afford her lifestyle.

But what is TV without a twist? 

Kagiso managed to convince her to give him a try by smooching his way into her heart.