Inxeba producers seeking legal advice after X18 ruling

15 February 2018 - 08:00 By Jessica Levitt
Inxeba has been classified as X18.
‘Inxeba’ (‘The Wound’) Official Trailer HD Inxeba has been classified as X18.

Producers of Inxeba (The Wound) are seeking legal advice after the Film and Publications Board Appeal Tribunal overturned the 16 LS rating given to the film, replacing it with a X18 rating.

The new classification is the highest of its kind and is the same given to hardcore porn. It means that the movie has been pulled from cinemas and can now only be shown at a "designated adult premise," which requires a special licence.

"We’re obviously disappointed in the outcome, given how it has classified this important work of art that explores themes around the construction of masculinities as an x-rated film. We have sought advice from legal representatives, who are studying the decision, and we will advise on our way forward in due course," said producers of the film.

The ruling came after the Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa (Contralesa) called for the banning of the film and for the age restriction to be upped.

The film has received public backlash for its depiction of the traditional ritual of ukwaluka – a Xhosa tradition into manhood – as well as sexual identity in the form of a gay love story.

The decision to classify it in the same category as porn got sharp criticism on social media.