Here's why Ma Ribs agreed to host her first radio show & take over Idols SA

01 March 2018 - 07:00
By Kyle Zeeman
Rebecca Malope will host a radio show on Touch HD from March 1.
Rebecca Malope will host a radio show on Touch HD from March 1.

After years of putting it off out of fear, gospel music veteran Rebecca Malope has finally decided to embrace her "new calling" as a radio host, joining Tbo Touch's Touch HD internet radio station.

Rebecca will host her own show once a week on the station, focusing on both gospel and social issues. She told TshisaLIVE that she was excited to connect with a younger audience and teach them.

"It is the same as what I am doing with gospel music. It is connecting with people and telling true stories. It is about being one big family. There will be great music and a lot of talking about issues that we need to address as a nation. Listeners can confide in me."

She said that it took some convincing to get her to agree to do the show but she was encouraged by the opportunity to share her story with the nation.

"I am very nervous. I have done TV shows before so the only difference will be that I will be behind a microphone instead of in front of a camera. It will be a chance to share my story."

Rebecca was planning to release a biography last year but has put the project on ice to focus on her current projects.

"The book is still in the works but I want to vocalise my story now. People are sometimes lazy to read, reading makes people fall asleep, so if I can create an audiobook or share it through my radio show, then it would be better. You can listen to it in the car."

Rebecca will also feature on the upcoming season of popular TV music talent search Idols SA as a guest judge. She told TshisaLIVE she agreed to join the show so that she could encourage young musicians to not let doubt and nervousness bury their talent.

"I know what it is like being on a talent search competition. You think that others are better than you and the judges are going to shout at you. You end up worrying so much about everything that you don't sing properly. I want to be that kind judge that encourages people to be comfortable and be themselves. When you are yourself, you show your real talent. That is why I want to make a difference."