Mandisa Nduna is coming 'all the way through' for her music this year

01 March 2018 - 13:12
By Chrizelda Kekana
Actress turned musician Mandisa Nduna is excited to introduce the world to her music.
Image: Via Instagram/Mandisa Nduna Actress turned musician Mandisa Nduna is excited to introduce the world to her music.

Just weeks after a video of actress Mandisa Nduna rapping to a Nokia tone went viral, she has revealed that releasing her own music has been long overdue. 

The actress took to social media to drum up excitement over her upcoming single All These Thoughts under her stage name Nduna Royal.

"As much as I had been writing and recording the whole time, the love that video got just really motivated me to take my music more seriously. I wanted to do things right and so I went to studio, because I've always had something to say and I think the time has arrived to share," she told TshisaLIVE.

The video (below) that she put up on social media took SA by storm and went viral just hours after it was shared. 

"I put that video up and it blew up but it was just me having fun. All of a sudden there were people from other countries asking me who I was and where they can find my music because the snippet was brilliant. It was a pleasant surprise."

Mandisa, who has also impressed on the small screen has appeared as Thuli on Hustle and recently featured on the film She Is King.

The actress told TshisaLIVE that she's always had a love for music and that she just needed a nudge for her to devote more time to it. 

She said she previously signed to a record label and went through a "dark time" when that didn't work out. However, since her viral video her confidence has skyrocketed and she's ready to share her talent. 

"The song is basically about the thoughts that go through my head as a rapper versus my thoughts as a person. It's about the constant struggle between wanting to be a good rapper and being a good person, because sometimes you can't get the two at the same time. So I rap about being caught in the struggle of sinning and winning."

Even though the actress Mandisa will be nurturing her music career this year, fans can definitely expect to still see her on TV.