Lusanda Mbane on finding the balance between fame & family

02 March 2018 - 11:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Scandal! actress Lusanda Mbane doesn't mind smiling for a thousand pictures.
Scandal! actress Lusanda Mbane doesn't mind smiling for a thousand pictures.
Image: Via instagram/Lusanda Mbane

Even though Lusanda Mbane loves every part of being in the limelight, including the constant fan attention, it's been a juggling act to protect her family from the side of her career. 

The actress told TshisaLIVE that one of the greatest lessons she's learnt is that her husband and people around her never signed up for fame and that she has to protect them from its effect.

"I've embraced it and for me it’s a reinforcement that I am on the right track. But I found it was a bit more challenging for my husband and people who have to be around me. I had to understand that he didn't sign up for it, so I stopped wanting to drag him to things like events unless they are really necessary."

Lusanda said after she learnt how to curb the urge to want to show off her family everywhere, her house was happier place. She added that it was all about balance because she realised her son doesn't mind having a celebrity mom.

She described her husband as a great support in all aspects of her life. 

"I had to the think about my children because the responsibilities are permanent. Kids need food, clothes and have to go to school. Lucky for me, my husband and I are a team and we really doing this life thing together. So even for the few months I had no income, he would take over. Once we learned how to complement each other in all spheres of our lives, we got the hang of it."

Lusanda said being a people's person was one of the qualities that helped her embrace the love from fans, because she could never turn someone appreciative of her work away. 

The actress said that since she bagged the role of Boniswa, her life had taken a dramatic turn and the love from fans has skyrocketed. 

"I've been in the industry for some time, but because of inconsistency people would always be like, 'I think that lady is on TV but I don't know where or I think I've seen her somewhere.' But since Scandal!, I can't walk in a mall and mind my own business because people recognise me, I am on their screens everyday at the same time.

"I don't get tired of it, it was overwhelming at first but I love it. I'll smile for a thousand pictures when I can because I know it comes with my passion."

Lusanda hopes to always do her character justice and score a few more roles in dramas and films on the way.