ONLY IN SA: So, what will you do with your piece of land?

02 March 2018 - 10:08
By Chrizelda Kekana
A group of backyarders have laid out plots to occupy open land in NY112, Gugulethu.
Image: Mary-Anne Gontsana A group of backyarders have laid out plots to occupy open land in NY112, Gugulethu.

While the matter of land redistribution is nothing to joke about, this is SA and we probably lost all chill when we lost the land. Now that there's talks about "getting the land back" people are already going crazy with ideas.

Even though the issue of land has been topical for some time, the Economic Freedom Fighters' victory on passing a motion for land expropriation without compensation in the National Assembly‚ which was overwhelmingly adopted, has left South Africans in a state of excitement.

EFF leader Julius Malema said they would take land ‘without a drop of blood’ while speaking to a crowd of supporters in Soweto on Wednesday February 28 2018.

The political party's motion led by EFF leader Julius Malema‚ was passed after 324 of 400 members of parliament voted on it on Tuesday. Eighty-three MPs voted against it‚ while 241 voted in favour of the motion. 

Staying true to their lack of chill, it seems Mzansi already has some cool ideas of what to do with the land. 

Obvs the memes for the people's desires with the land were also LIT!

They also went on to make other suggestions of what the land should come with, such as live stock!

Although it was mostly crazy ideas at first, the issue of land is clearly one that South Africans have been thinking about for a long time.

In addition to wanting to develop the land for agricultural purposes, people shared that they had business ideas such as using it for photography and building hotels.

What will you do with your piece of land fam?