WATCH: SA slang put to the test (Folks didn't know klipa, seriously)

02 March 2018 - 09:48 By Jessica Levitt
Party folk were put to the Mzansi slang test.
Party folk were put to the Mzansi slang test.
Image: Defining Dennis YouTube

You think you're in there with the hip crowd? You know what lit is and can occasionally use guaped in conversation.

Well, be prepared to be stumped.

Dennis Ngango went to the Ultra Music Festival in Joburg and Cape Town and put some peeps to the test. 

Whether they were boozed or not, the replies are everything.

It's time for another fun challenge! This time round, Samsung sent me to Ultra South Africa and I decided to do a South African slang word challenge. Producers: Gugu Tshabalala, Danielle Reddy and Dagmar Plaatjie Connect with Me: ➪ Facebook: ➪ Twitter: ➪ Instagram: ➪ Snapchat: DennisNgango