AKA gets more coins in the bag as he signs firewater deal

08 March 2018 - 11:07 By Kyle Zeeman
Now you can drink Vodka with AKA's name on it.
Now you can drink Vodka with AKA's name on it.

AKA may just be serious about this whole retirement thing after all. Just days after claiming his next album would be his last and that he was looking to get coins elsewhere, the star has bagged a mega money deal, to put his name on bottles.

As if his "seven-figure" deal with Reebok didn't make him as guaped as a Gupta, AKA has added to his bank balance with a massive Cruz Vodka deal to have his own AKA branded range of alcohol. 

The juice comes in watermelon flavour and is currently being bottled to be sent to shelves (and blessers' tables) across the country soon.

The Supa Mega posted a video of the bottles in production, giving us all a glimpse of its gold caps, and pink and black branding.

AKA being AKA, couldn't help but throw shade while he celebrated his success, explaining how the deal was not about taking pictures overseas like some of his other celeb friends.

Eish, wonder who that sub tweet was aimed at? 

Anyway, it seems like the star is serious about waterproofing his bank balance, especially after his management told TshisaLIVE earlier this week that his next album, Touch my Blood, would be his last.

"Yup. This is it. This is his last album. He wants to do other things with his life beyond music. He is a father and a businessman. He has a company to run and he will be focusing on that and other projects. He will always be AKA and will dip in and out of music."