#FinePeopleOlympics: Boity discovered her long lost Somalian 'twin'

13 March 2018 - 10:27 By Chrizelda Kekana
The #FinePeopleFromSomalia introduced Boity to her "twin".
The #FinePeopleFromSomalia introduced Boity to her "twin".
Image: Via Twitter

Firstly... it's clear that God was showing off when he created Africans. Now that that's out of the way, can we just talk about the striking similarities between Boity Thulo and the Somalian woman, known as Brinney on Twitter.

They could honestly be passed off as sisters. 

Last night became all about admiring African beauty and quickly became an Utatakho matter when tweeps spotted a girl who resembled Boity.

When it landed on Boity's timeline, she immediately decided to claim Brinney as her twin. 

While Monday is usually reserved for #ManCrushMondays, last night saw the usual trend take a dramatic turn when the hashtag, #FinePeopleFromSomalia popped up on our timelines. The trend inspired people from Ghana, Ethiopia and Nigeria among others to follow suit.

Obvs, Mzansi was not going to let it slide (we are proud likers' of things mos)!

Although the hashtags weren't meant to ignite competition, it eventually did. Anyway, in the spirit of healthy competition, the pics came flooding in:





We're happy to report that while we (as South Africans) have no doubt that we are stunning human beings... we are never too proud to accept our Bafana Bafana status where necessary... so this was also us the whole time! LOL

At least we have personality... right? #craughing