Cassper Nyovest is living his truth & ain't afraid of losing fans or money

14 March 2018 - 06:50 By Jessica Levitt
Cassper is determined not to change.
Cassper is determined not to change.
Image: Via Instagram

Cassper Nyovest has money in the bank, hit songs and a career many musicians are envious of - and he said it's all because he is living his truth.

The musician said that artists should never be afraid of losing money, fans or popularity of they are staying true to themselves.

"As an artist you must never be scared of losing fans, money, popularity, friends or anything gained along the way while making art from your eye because then you’re not living your full truth."

Cassper said if you love something you shouldn't have to change.

"If you changed to be loved then you love to be changed. Do you my nigga!! It’s your pen!"

His comment got almost 3 000 double taps and fans applauded his wisdom, thanking him for being real, no matter the outcome.