Gail Mabalane put on 18kg during pregnancy & Kabelo is helping her lose it

14 March 2018 - 06:31 By Jessica Levitt
Gail is ready to claim back her body.
Gail is ready to claim back her body.
Image: Instagram

The couple that exercises together wins together, right?

Gail Mabalane gave birth to a baby boy on January 31 and said she's ready to get her body back to where it was.

"And so the journey begins. After gaining 18kgs during pregnancy (again), the fight begins to being the best version of myself. "

She posted a picture of herself in workout gear (looking damn good we must say) and said hubby Kabelo was helping her with an exercise regime.

"My trainer @KabeloMabalane has given me the #100day_squat_and_kettlebell_challenge. 😖 #Day1 #MoveLiveBecome."

Shew! We ain't never done a squat. And we ain't never had a baby either. So, Gail, consider us impressed.