Sweaty palms & blocked ears: Salamina Mosese's stage fright is REAL

17 March 2018 - 09:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Actress turned producer Salamina Mosese has shared what keeps the flame alive in her 10 years of marriage.
Actress turned producer Salamina Mosese has shared what keeps the flame alive in her 10 years of marriage.
Image: Via Instagram

Sometimes you think you know a person, until they tell you that even after over a decade as a performer they still have stage fright, which causes them to be temporarily deaf on stage... Cue Salamina Mosese.

The actress-turned-producer began her journey as a child star on Soul Buddyz and has since blossomed into an award-winning actress, winning fans as she grew.

In an fun interview with TshisaLIVE, Salamina shared a few interesting details about herself.

My purpose in life is to use my gifts and talents to improve the lives of the women in my life, and those that I come into contact with.

I hope South Africans will pull together to fight for a truly just and equal country, where the majority of the population can live dignified lives, being able to provide for their loved ones.

My heart beats faster when I drive my sports car, or hear a sports car drive past me with engines roaring.

I believe in God and his creation, and that God has blessed us all with talents and gifts to make the world a better place.

Nobody knows that I have a bit of stage fright. My palms sweat, my ears get blocked, my heart races, and in most cases I can't hear what I am saying. I always hope I didn't say anything embarrassing.

In five years I will be mentoring young women in media and I will have started another two successful companies.

I am constantly searching for a new book to pour over and read.

There is a life beyond acting because I have always known that I would need to do it forever. One must remain versatile, and keep moving forward.

If I had a million rand I would use it for a beautiful house by the coast, either in the Eastern Cape or along the KZN coast.

If I had one wish I would wish that women and children will no longer face abuse and neglect, that instead they would be eternally protected from all harm. 

What I know now that you write the manual for what you want your life to be like, never hand that responsibility over to someone else. Speak life over your life.