411 on Trompies: The majakathata, the troublemaker & more on the legends

18 March 2018 - 10:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Trompies has helped shape what we now know as kwaito.
Trompies has helped shape what we now know as kwaito.
Image: Via Instagram/Mahoota

In the 90s, Trompies were more than a music group, they were an entire movement and TshisaLIVE has got the juice on them!

In addition to gifting Mzansi with hits such as Madibuseng, Malabulabu,  Accused no. 1 (read: Achuz Number 1), Magasman and many others, Trompies also created a culture.

Zynne "Mahoota" Sibika, Mandla "Spikiri" Mofokeng, Eugene "Donald Duck" Mthethwa, and Jairus "Jakarumba" Nkwe are legends. The group is basically responsible for making the pantsula lifestyle popular - we're talking the style, the moves and a lil bit of the lingo.

And, if you ask your parents what song they were grooving to at Mam'Brenda's tavern when they met, they'll most probably name a Trompies track.

(That's how deep this matter is!)

Anyway, TshisaLIVE got some insight on the kwaito legends where group dynamic is concerned.

We guarantee some exclusive info, Struu God!

1. Who has been responsible for your most iconic choreography?

All of us. We work as a team, but Mjakajaka is the dancer and he comes through with most of the choreography, it is a collaboration and a discussion of ideas. 

2. How do you describe Kwaito? 

Jairos: It is music created from bubblegum, gospel, mbaqanga, created by young boys who were desperate to make a mark.

Eugene: A different youth, struggle and tune. Kwaito is a youth cultural revolution telling its own stories in its own way, safe from the socio political influence.

3. Who eats the most in the group?

Lately it's Jakarumba and Mjokes.

4. Who is the peacemaker?


5. Who is the troublemaker(s)?

Jairos used to be the problem child.

6. Who is the most stylish in the group?


7. How would you describe who Trompies is to a 10-year-old child?
- Mapantsula julle moenie worry. The original rocksters, we had the most fun with our clothes on. We commercialised pantsula wear

8. Do you have the ultimate favourite song by Trompies?

Eugene: Magasman
Jairos: Dipotstso

9. Where did the name Trompies come from?

There was a mini series on TV1 Trompies op die om bende and the youngsters on the show were hyperactive, mischievous and we were often likend to then. We grew up together in Ndofaya. We've taught each other music and we have seen life together.

10. What legacy does Trompies want to leave in S.A. and the world?

To be remembered for originality.

In case you need a reminder... Tshwara so!