Unathi Msengana tackles trolls & life with an 'unbreakable spirit'

19 March 2018 - 08:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Unathi Msengana is all about self-improvement, she ain't got time for people with self-hate.
Unathi Msengana is all about self-improvement, she ain't got time for people with self-hate.
Image: Via Instagram/Unathi Msengana

An unbreakable spirit.

That is how Unathi Msengana feels every time she laughs off another troll, minds her own business and slays in her lane. The Idols SA judge told TshisaLIVE she’s never been  more “in her element” than she was currently and she didn’t take that for granted.

At this point, no matter what life or trolls throw at Unathi, she’s confident that she’ll still be standing after it’s done.

Case in point, her recent take no prisoners approach to trolls who attributed her sexy body to plastic surgery.

"The great thing about working hard for something, is that you have absolutely no doubt that you’ve earned it when people what to question you. Other people are just sad with their lives and look for ways to infect others with their sadness. So, when I’m up to it, I ‘politely’ put them in their place, I’ve learnt to do this wherever necessary."


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Since the start of 2018, Unathi successfully reached the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, still spots a squad ass that knows no competition and has enjoyed massive love for her latest album Brave, True and Strong.

Just like her friend Somizi Mhlongo explains in his memoir, Dominoes: Unbreakable Spirit, everything that has happened to Unathi has left her with an unbreakable spirit.

Over the years, Unathi has been at the receiving end of cyberbullying for everything from her looks to her music and recently her marriage.

Unathi confirmed the split between her and Thomas Msengana much to the disappointment of many fans. She was not willing to talk about it but told TshisaLIVE that she's certainly had endless conversations with God about it.

"I've also been so humbled by the love my music has received. This album has done better than I could have ever imagined and is still constantly sold out in stores to an extend where I constantly have to be asking my distributor to deliver more. My album was trending just the other day and all praise be to God because I believe this is all him."

In contrast, Unathi couldn’t help but gush about her new TV gig on Moja Love and her excitement from her upcoming book and visual projects for her songs.

She also said she believed people fell in love with her album because she was honest in her music and gave it all her attention.

"Talk TV or radio is who I am; it’s in my blood and something I enjoy. It comes naturally to me and I love how conversations with yourself, with other women and men just leave you with more and more insight. We are also working on my book, which we hope will be done nearing year end."

Yes! You go girl!