10 things that will defos be on Somizi & Mohale’s wedding gift registry

20 March 2018 - 06:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Somizi and Mohale are getting married!
Somizi and Mohale are getting married!
Image: Via Somizi's Instagram

Sis, grab your umbrella, it's about to rain presents in the Somizi house. 

After #LockingHearts in Paris, the Idols SA judge and his boo are about to start planning their big day. While the stress of organising the wedding is no doubt gonna come knocking at the door, the pair will at least be lying in a pool of presents from guests, neh?

We aren't sure if they have been hitting the mall yet to start scanning the nice pillows for their gift registry, but here's a few things we know are going to be on the list that even you might be able to afford.

A massive picture of the pair

Somizi doesn't play when it comes to hanging pictures of himself or his fam in his house. What better way to start the day than to stare at a massive picture of yourself and bae hanging on the wall.

Good morning. Cud stay in pj's all day

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Shower doors

Somizi has an outdoor shower...but can someone sponsor curtains?

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Some fine china 

Somizi is a beast in the kitchen and LOVES having guests over, so maybe another set of china for the cupboard will help. You know the ones with the two sizes of bowls.

Just don't break it, Somizi!

Some more Louis V

Because a girl can never have enough LV in their life.

As I spoil myself.

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A pool noodle

You know what Somizi's pool needs? Do you know what every pool needs? A pool noodle. You're welcome.

A larney travel pillow

The pair are forever on #Baecation and (apparently) sleeping awkward in first class is so 2001. 


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Matching socks...or matching anything really

The pair are all about coordinating and matching from head to toe. Now that's #LoveGoals

More Le Creuset pots

They are like the Porsche of pots and Somizi is the like the Beyoncé of the kitchen.

A years supply of champagne 

Because life is always better with a glass of champers in your hand. 

Blankets..lots and lots of blankets

Somizi never misses the opportunity to tell his followers that cold weather is cuddle weather. And you can never have enough blankets when winter comes.

A mini-Eiffel Tower for the culture...and garden

Since the pair got engaged with the famous landmark in the distance, maybe they could have one made to always remember their special day- and to stunt on the neighbours.

Hello from the other side 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

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