Can the homophobic grinches stay away... We celebrating #Somhale here!

20 March 2018 - 07:13
Media personality Somizi Mhlongo has confirmed his engagement to Mohale Motaung.
Media personality Somizi Mhlongo has confirmed his engagement to Mohale Motaung.

So Somizi Mhlongo got engaged! HALALA!

While the rest of us were ululating all over the place and halala’ring some of you were too busy, blinded by your homophobia.

It’s really sad to see how in 2018 people still think it’s okay to hate other people for who they choose to love.

After the Sunday papers reported that Somgaga had popped the question to his boyfriend, Mohale Motaung, on their baecation in Paris, the Idols SA judge confirmed it on Monday morning.

"I wanted to wait for the right time to tell everyone, but eish. Paparazzi. I'm not a long time engager. I'm not talking about getting engaged 7 years ago. It must be within a year-ish," Somizi said.

Obvs, we are the part of the paparazzi Somz was talking about, because we went all out to spread the news. We are often tasked with not so great news to share, so when we heard there were going to be wedding bells, best believe we were going to share err’thang there is to know.

All this was great, until some “joy stealers” popped up on our social media pages and in our comment sections.

To repeat some of the things that people wrote in response to Somizi’s engagement would be careless on my part but to paint the picture for you, here’s a summary.

“Why are you encouraging people to contribute to the end of human existence?”

“Isn’t Somizi gay, so who’s the bride?”

“Nonsense, Satan is alive and kicking in South Africa, man to man falling in love but u hoping Jesus LL come back hell no.”

I was shocked. And really offended on #Somhale’s behalf.

Some of you people just have inner peace; some of you will never even find it.

Almost just like the Inxeba debate, some of you are really hiding so much hate for the LGBTQ community. I say this because a look at the profiles of some of the people who made those comments will leave you shook.

These are the “Love lives within me”, “Rise up African child, you are capable” and “woke” type of people. Some of them added laughing emojis (maybe to make themselves believe they were joking) right after talking about gay people in the filthiest way.

Why le le so vele? Why le painelwa?

I wish I knew Somizi enough to detail his ups and downs with love, but I don’t… I only know what he has made available to the public.

However I know for a fact that he deserves this happiness and so does Mohale.

In a South Africa where being part of the LGBTQ community automatically makes you an endangered species, the few happy stories we have DESERVE to be celebrated.

People deserve to be happy. Yes, even black, gay or even famous people. None of the previously mentioned adjectives take their right of happiness away.

So, if you are one of those people finding joy in insulting #Somhale, please go fix your life.

You’ve got deeper issues.

Mara, oksalayo… Love always wins. Black queer love in this case and I'm so here for it.

Yay love!