Zodwa: How do I stay strong when people say nasty things about me?

20 March 2018 - 08:33 By Jessica Levitt
Zodwa Wabantu doesn't let the hate affect her.
Zodwa Wabantu doesn't let the hate affect her.
Image: Via Instagram/Zodwa Libram

Being a celebrity is tough enough as it is, add in being naked and not fitting into the stereotype of what is "pretty" then you're bound to get additional hate. Just ask Zodwa Wabantu.

The entertainer said she often gets asked how she handles the hate, and instead of taking it to heart, she smiles and agrees.

"No darling, what I do is just agree. I just agree with everything that people decide to say about me."

She said she has been called a donkey and a slut, but she's doesn't care.

"'Zodwa you are sick,' and I just say 'yes.' Because what do you want me to do? Argue with you? No, I won't. It's your opinion mos."

Watch her explanation below.