He can wrestle but does WWE's Apollo know what 'babelaas' is?

21 March 2018 - 13:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Apollo is heading to SA next month.
Apollo is heading to SA next month.
Image: Via Apollo's Instagram

AKA, have you got your shiny belts and wrestling boots ready? The crew from WWE are heading to Mzansi next month and wrestler Apollo can't wait to not only show off his skills, but get the whole experience.

Apollo, who recently dropped the surname in his stage name Apollo Crews, told TshisaLIVE he had Africa running through his blood.

"I haven't been to South Africa before but I am really excited. I have been to a soccer tournament in Zimbabwe and I've lived in Kenya and Uganda, so I know what Africa is about. I know there aren't any lions on the streets. I know there is huge development all over the continent."

Apollo shares a similar name with Hollywood actor Terry Crews, but has he ever been mistaken for the White Chicks hunk? "Oh yeah! I once did an interview where the guy asked about my new films. I went with it but it was very awkward," he said.

Since he's packing his things to head to our shores, we tested his knowledge of some South African terms to see what he thinks they mean.

Lekker: It sounds like slacker so I'm going to go with a lazy person. 

Babelaas : Like when you have gas.

Robot: I think it is when something or someone has no personality

Jol: I am going to say a stuck up person.

Muti: I have no idea! I wouldn't even know where to start.

Bakkie: A person with a lot of energy.

Now Now: Like when you say you'll be there soon.

Koeksister: I think it's something you eat but I can't imagine eating it

Lannie: He thinks he's so cool. He thinks he's the boss.