Chillax fam, Dash is still part of Dreamteam

23 March 2018 - 09:58 By Kyle Zeeman
The Dreamteam trio are still recording and performing together.
The Dreamteam trio are still recording and performing together.
Image: Via Dreamteam's Instagram

Dreamteam is planning a massive musical comeback and the good news is that despite all the boys doing their own thing during their short break they are still together and representing the group.

Fans were playing a classic case of "Where's Wally?" this week when posts about the group's return flooded social media but without any sign of Dash.

Just take a look:

While both Trey and Dash could not comment, the mystery may be solved for now. The group's management insisted that Dash is still a part of the group and told TshisaLIVE they are even going to be performing together this weekend.

"The boys are all still together. They are a family and nothing has changed. They have been making music together and are travelling at the moment ahead of their shows this weekend. At this point, he's still with the group but we have a few big announcements to make in the coming days which we can't reveal right now."

Dash has been lighting up TV screens as a presenter on several shows but told TshisaLIVE last year that leaving Dreamteam was not part of the plan. He said the group  made a really difficult move to Joburg to stay together.

"We all have our own solo projects but we all support each other. That is why we can do our own thing and still know that Dreamteam will be together. There is no chance of us breaking up because we are a family," he said.