WATCH | Meet the Zodwa pretenders blowing up in Gauteng

01 April 2018 - 11:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Zodwa's success has created a fuss and spawned several knock-offs.
Zodwa's success has created a fuss and spawned several knock-offs.
Image: Via Zodwa's Instagram

Zodwa has a queue as long as those outside Taboo on a Friday night coming for her crown, including a bunch of dancers in Gauteng who shake their bums at shisa nyamas around the province looking for fame.

A video of one of these young wannabees has been shared on social media, with the dancer wearing an outfit similar to Zodwa's, shaking a whole lot of booty.

Although not much is known about the dancer, she is obviously a massive hit with peeps who kept screaming and cheering her own.

It has become a quick way to make coins, with another dancer A$$Quake quitting her job and charging R20,000 an appearance.

Sis told TshisaLIVE that her weekends are more packed than a taxi out of Noord Street and she was collecting coins quicker than Mario.

"I used to work at a shop but once my dancing career took off, I decided to leave. I couldn't do both anymore and I decided to chase my dream of dancing. I get a lot of bookings now. It is very hectic."

She also preaches the gospel of no panties, saying it makes her uncomfortable in areas where the sun doesn't shine.

"You can't twerk with panties. It is very uncomfortable and you can't give a proper show. It is about being comfortable. If you are not comfortable it shows."

While Zodwa has been stopped from performing in a few African countries over the last few months, A$$Quake said it was time the continent gave dancers like her and Zodwa a chance.

"They may end up liking it. They need to give it a chance. They will see that we are normal people like them but we just have a different job."