DJ Black Coffee responds to Israel backlash & adds fuel to the fire

Basically, Black Coffee's all about his guap. Nothing else.

03 April 2018 - 08:56
By Chrizelda Kekana
DJ Black Coffee's response to Twitter backlash over his Israel gig didn't help his case.
Image: Via Instagram/Black Coffee DJ Black Coffee's response to Twitter backlash over his Israel gig didn't help his case.

DJ Black Coffee has come out to defend himself after thousands of social media users hauled him over the coals for his recent performance in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The world-renowned musician shared a video from his performance in the country telling followers that he "loved" Tel Aviv and that it was a sold out gig. 

The tweet sparked widespread outrage amongst followers, who lambasted Black Coffee for turning a blind eye to the oppressive law in Israel and to the killings of Palestinians. 

Followers accused Black Coffee of ignoring recent calls to boycott Israel by the BDS South Africa (a registered South African NPO and PBO). 

They have imposed an academic and cultural boycott  and called for all artists, academics, philosophers and cultural practitioners to refuse to participate in any activities, conferences, concerts, exhibitions or any other related field in the country which is being boycotted. 

However, DJ Black Coffee stood firm in his "unpopular" decision and told naysayers where to get off.

Politician or not, DJ Black Coffee's decision to perform in Israel has left a sour taste in his fans' mouths but he ain't about that life and said he's too busy trying to feed his family.

EFF member Floyd Shivambu also added his voice to the raging debate. 

"South Africa’s isolation and the academic & cultural boycott are part of the reasons apartheid capitulated to the call for freedom. It is morally & politically insensitive for DJ Black Coffee to just go on partying in apartheid Israel, whilst it kills & oppresses innocent people," he said.

Floyd was supported by many others, who said Black Coffee was being "irresponsible" as a public figure.