Going kaal & dancing for MC Hammer: Generation's Schelaine is #Goals

She even does her own stunts!

03 April 2018 - 06:00 By Kyle Zeeman
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Schelaine Bennett is our spirit animal.
Schelaine Bennett is our spirit animal.
Image: Via Schelaine's Instagram

Schelaine Bennett has been around the acting block for a while now, but there are a few things you may not know about your fave.

Sis recently joined the cast of Generations: The Legacy as Zoe, the mother to an autistic child, and told TshisaLIVE that she was having the time of her life.

Giggling along as she spoke to us from the treadmill at gym, we decided to take our shot and ask the juicy questions we have always wanted to know from the star.

Your role on Generations is hectic! But surely it isn't you're most demanding?

The most demanding would have to be my role in Knapsekêrels. I played a victim of abuse and it was so emotionally draining. I still can't watch myself on the show because it takes me back to the dark space I was in.

Roles like that must make you miss being a young adult on teen shows like Hectic Nine-9, hey?

You know, people still recognise me from Hectic Nine-9. So, I've given up trying to fight the whole teen-star tag.

You say fight but you were physically getting into fights a few years later with your role on Gold Diggers. Damn it, you even set things on fire!

Yeah! I did my own stunts on Gold Diggers. From shooting a gun to fighting. I even burnt down a set (as part of the show). It was hardcore. They had to train me or I would have burnt myself to death.

Talking about setting things on fire, sis has been a flame on social media and even posted some snaps of just wearing the flag. Do you love your country that much or did you just get tired of wearing clothes?

🇿🇦 #freedomday #SouthAfriCAN #proud #23years

A post shared by Schelaine Julia Bennett🌺 (@schelainebennett) on

I can't take a picture to save my life, not even a decent selfie, but my photographer friend convinced me to kit down to take a natural shoot. I think he convinced me by feeding me something like I was the Mother Theresa of nature or something. I felt comfortable, so I thought why not.

So you fancy yourself as the next Zodwa Wabantu, hey? You're both dancers.

No. There are different kinds of dancing and as long as you are not disrespecting people or making women like a piece of meat, you are free to express yourself. We can't judge.

Back to the photoshoot, I would say that it's the coolest thing you've done, until I remember that you danced in MC Hammers band. Levels, mchana.

It was crazy! We were dancing the Hammer Time and everything. I just remember standing there going: 'What the hell is going on! I am actually dancing with MC Hammer. Someone pinch me.'

Play that now and you'll still get people hating. What do the haters come at you for the most?

I don't really pay attention. I've been told I am not South African and I'm faking my accent. Oh and also my hair.  They always point out my curls or the split ends. I am like 'Excuse me! It is my hair leave it a bloody alone!'

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