Hold up! Y'all just called the Twitter army to deal with The Queen's Tebogo?

04 April 2018 - 10:39 By Kyle Zeeman
Fezile Makhanya plays the role of Tebogo on The Queen.
Fezile Makhanya plays the role of Tebogo on The Queen.
Image: Via Fezile's Instagram

Like a bad break-up text you don't want to believe, Twitter just went and deleted The Queen's Tebogo after he suggested that his fiancée Kea had no brains.

Tebogo, played by Fezile Makhanya, is already number one on Twitter's hit list but they went into full military mode and called the virtual army to come fetch him after Tuesday's episode of the popular drama series. 

It all started when Tebogo said that Kea should start using her brains, "if there's anything at all".

Us and the rest of the internet:


Tebogo has apparently been 'verbally and emotionally' abusing Kea for some time and as their wedding approaches, fans have become sick and tired of his nonsense. They made it clear that they were ready for him to be cancelled.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE about the toll his character has had on his life, he said that he was told to avoid malls in case of backlash by people mistaking him for Tebogo.

"There has been a lot of hate but I understand the more they hate me, the more I am doing my job. I am convincing them of something that is different to who I really am and that was my goal as an actor. Wherever I go, people look at me with distaste. My dad was even concerned and sat me down to talk about my character. He told me that he didn't raise me to hit a woman."