What on earth is going on with Muvhango?

06 April 2018 - 07:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Muvhango viewers have speculated that the change in storyline was caused by Sindi Dlathu's departure.
Muvhango viewers have speculated that the change in storyline was caused by Sindi Dlathu's departure.
Image: Via Muvhango Facebook

For all the Muvhango fans that are still swimming in a pool of confusion over the sudden change of storyline, you are not alone. The popular SABC 2 drama totally pulled a Generations: The Legacy stunt on you!

After ending one episode with the announcement of Thandaza's death (played by Sindi Dlathu), Muvhango fans couldn't have prepared themselves for the plot twist that was to follow.

Team Muvhango explained to TshisaLIVE that contrary to the speculation that it was Sindi’s departure that forced the story change, the plot twist has been in the works for a long time.

“The storyline changed because we felt that we owed our viewers a fresh scenery, new faces and a riveting storyline,” said Muvhango publicist Amanda Ngudle.

After a lot of confusion, Muvhango came in with a vague explanation saying that the changes had happened as part of the celebration of their 3,000 episode.

Viewers went to bed mourning the death of Thandaza and the next day James was marrying an old businesswoman. Thandaza's husband, Ranthumeng, was married to Imani (for one year already) and they had a son. Livhu, who was pregnant just the day before, gave birth and was hosting a first birthday party for her daughter. Tebogo and Mulalo also had a child and Mulalo was no longer mayor of Thathe.

Needless to say the whole Mzansi was confused.

The reaction wasn't what Muvhango expected as people weren't particularly happy with the changes, especially the fact that Thandaza didn't get a proper funeral.

However, Amanda said that the cast and crew expected the sceptics to show up, but they promised that it would get better.

“Like all changes, not everyone is going to embrace it automatically. Remember we are catering for a diverse audience so for some the change is long overdue, while for some the experience is not so well swallowed. But we would like to implore our viewers to keep watching, it gets better. It’s going to be epic!”

However viewers are still not the “feeling the new Muvhango”.

Guess time will tell!