This is going to epic! Gareth Cliff to roast Somizi

10 April 2018 - 12:06 By Karishma Thakurdin
Gareth Cliff is Comedy Central's roast master.
Gareth Cliff is Comedy Central's roast master.
Image: Supplied

Yoh! But we hope Somizi and the rest of the Comedy Central Roast panel are ready for a grilling! 

That's because Gareth Cliff has just been announced as the roast master. 

Gareth is set to take the helm when Somizi gets hauled over the coals on Comedy Central. 

"It’s all about entertaining people. The audience can expect dirty, nasty and funny jokes. Nobody cares, least of all Somizi. So, if you think someone is going to walk away from this hurt and saddened, then you are watching the wrong show," said Gareth.

And if you thought Gareth was going to go soft on Somizi just because they're pals, think again!

"That’s what soap operas are for. I don’t think I am the scariest person Somizi has come across in this industry. We are going to have lots of info, good stuff and juiciness. Some people will cry but it won’t be Somizi," said Gareth. 

Gareth joins Ntsiki Mazwai and Schalk Bezuidenhout who are part of the roasting panel chosen to drag Somgaga. 

But Somgaga isn't shaking in his boots, and is ready for the panelists. 

"I have what it takes to handle the heat because I am thick skinned." 

The show will be aired on May 7 on DStv channel 122.