Still confused about new characters on Muvhango? We're here to help fam

12 April 2018 - 07:53 By Chrizelda Kekana
Muvhango's Ranthumeng's new storyline sees him playing the bad husband.
Muvhango's Ranthumeng's new storyline sees him playing the bad husband.
Image: Via Twitter/Muvhango

It's been over two weeks since Muvhango viewers woke up to a completely new world on their fave drama and although there seems to be a gradual phase of acceptance taking place, many are still lost. That's why we are here.

Okay so firstly, we must all just accept that we ain't gonna bury Thandaza. Soz.

With that out the way, let's get to the heart of the issue.

Even though loyal Muvhango fans are still watching the drama religiously despite the unpredicted, sudden changes there's still a lot of confusion.

While TshisaLIVE was unable to get team Muvhango to announce who of your faves from the previous storyline would make a return, we do have the 411 on the new faces you've been introduced to.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Muvhango publicist Amanda Ngudle said a lot of information was still considered classified and a lot of the new changes was still embargoed, which forms part if their new strategy. She explained that the drama was hoping to keep viewers hooked long enough to get into the full swing of the new storyline.

"Like all changes, not everyone is going to embrace it automatically. Remember we are catering for a diverse audience so for some the change is long overdue, while for some the experience is not so well swallowed," Amanda said. 

Here's what you need to know about some of the new characters. If you know these ones then you are well on your way to understanding what is happening on the new Muvhango.

• Vatiswa Ndara plays Moliehi Zikalala

Moliehi is a fierce a businesswoman, whose husband was a powerful businessman before he died.  In the new storyline, she's the woman who marries James. Although she may love James, she's older than him and that causes "concern" for other people.

She's not without ulterior motives though, she has her eyes set on taking over MMC. Maybe James is just a pawn after all...

• Mike Ndlangamandla plays Brother Max

Brother/Pastor Max is a dedicated hard worker and devotes his time to the work of the lord. He is the junior pastor at the Cathedral of All Saints, a church Moliehi goes to and therefore got the honour of officiating her wedding.

He's also friends with Moliehi's son and happened to meet a girl who "stole" his heart at first sight.

• Skhumbuzo Zikalala is played by Thokozani Sithole

Skhumbuzo is Moliehi's stepson. His father, Pat Zikalala married Moliehi, after divorcing Skhumbuzo’s mother. He's educated and tries to keep out of Moliehi's way as he wants to make his own name.

• Kertrice Maitisa who acts as Thobile Zikalala

Thobile is a tough-minded spoilt brat who doesn’t easily give in to someone else’s demands. Ever since her father passed on, she has had a hard time trying to find someone to fill the wedge he left in her heart. She feels lonely most of the times, that’s why she travels the world with no care.

She defies Moliehi at every turn and has no respect for her.