Idols SA's Mthokozisi lost big deals after assault claims

Star says he lost a lot of endorsement deals after being accused of assault

13 April 2018 - 07:13 By Kyle Zeeman
Idols runner-up Mthokozisi Ndaba lost out on several deals after being accused of assault.
Idols runner-up Mthokozisi Ndaba lost out on several deals after being accused of assault.
Image: Via Instagram

Mthokozisi has revealed that after being accused of assaulting a woman in a Hillbrow flat last year,  he lost several high-profile deals including a recording contract with Gallo Records.

The assault charge against him was provisionally withdrawn pending further investigation by the Hillbrow Magistrates Court, but Mthokozisi said he went to ground after the incident because the accusations nearly ruined his career. There has been no new developments in the case. 

"I didn't run away. The thing is most of the gigs are in Johannesburg and when we knocked we got no reply. A lot of sponsors dropped me. Many of them pulled out because of the incident. I was down, I was feeling low, so I decided to go back to KZN and regain my strength."

One of the deals that also quickly turned sour was his recording deal with Gallo Music.

The Idols SA runner-up worked with the company on his first single immediately after the competition but an insider told TshisaLIVE that they had become frustrated with  the star because he was not co-operating and would avoid calls and engagement.

"He was not co-operating. He would avoid phone calls and could not be found when he was needed. He was not interested in doing what he was asked to. It seems like he wanted to do his own things. The label wanted to work with him badly but it was not working out and he is no longer with them," the insider said.

Mthokozisi rubbished the allegations, claiming the record company didn't support him duing the ordeal and would not speak to his representatives after he left his former management.

"After Idols we were supposed to sign a contract with them but they didn't contact me. During the allegations, I spoke for myself and with the help from KZN government. They never even phoned me to find out if it was true or not. They have not even checked up on me. It is not true that I am unapproachable. They just did not want to go through my publicist. I resigned from my former manager during the allegations. I lost 21 gigs because people were saying they could not get hold of her. All the gigs I get by myself now."

He said that he was releasing music as an independent artist now and would soon release a tell-all book about his life, accompanied by a 10- track album.

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Gallo Records responded to the claims, saying they "tried to contact Mthokozisi several times to discuss where the relationship stands after the public accusations" but had not been able to reach him. They also wanted to know more about his plans for his upcoming album.

"We wanted to discuss his contract and the terms thereof as he was also advertising on social media regarding releasing a book and a free CD of material without the knowledge of his record label. We have not been introduced nor has Gallo been made aware of any new PR manager as it would have been great to officially meet to discuss the way forward after the successful release of his first single."

They claimed Mthokozisi was still under contract with them.

"By virtue of releasing a single with the record label, and as per his contract, Mthokozisi is still under contract to Gallo record company , until if or when such time as he is officially released from his contract and recording obligations or doesn’t fulfil certain release commitments, options or extension periods. It’s all covered in his recording contract. Gallo is open and available to have these discussions with the artist and decide what is the best way forward for both parties”

Meanwhile, Mthokozisi has got a gig as a radio presenter on Vibe FM in KZN and is hoping to score a TV audition on shows like Uzalo pretty soon.

"I have a master plan. Besides radio, I have gone back to the church choir and have been recording music in my home studio. I have a book coming in the middle of the year. The book will blow people's minds because it will tell only the truth. I want people to see that I am a human being. I've been through so much in my life and I want them to accept who I am, a fighter."