WATCH | DJ Fresh singing Skolopad’s hip-hop track will have you howling!

Skolopad may have a hit on her hands,

15 April 2018 - 15:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Skolopad has a new single out.
Skolopad has a new single out.
Image: Via Skolopad's Instagram

Move aside, gqom. There is a new sound in town and it's a hip-hop/pop fusion made by entertainer Skolopad.

From gospel to soul, Skolopad has done it all to try and break into the music industry but the door might finally be open after her song was spread across the internet like wildfire and was even featured in a hilarious video by DJ Fresh.

Skolopad dropped the song this week with more pictures of her naked body. 

While we often scratch our head and ask ourselves why Skolopad loves going naked more than the Kardashians like drama, she might actually have a point this time because the song is called Don't Touch, don't touch my body (or booty- we can't tell).

While there might be a line of gents wanting too, DJ Fresh was more interested in the hilarious lyrics and catchy tune.

He was chilling in the car, where we're guessing no one could hear him listening to the song without ragging him, and then put it on blast to sing along.

LOL! Cava Fresh's face in the video- he's totes got it down.

We were just like...


Will you be rushing out to get Skolopad's new track?