WATCH | This dude's fluent Venda has left Mzansi shook

16 April 2018 - 09:26 By Chrizelda Kekana
This white guy speaks better TshiVenda than most people.
This white guy speaks better TshiVenda than most people.
Image: Via Twitter

It really should be nothing to fret about but wow, when this white guy started telling a story so fluently in TshiVenda, we and Mzansi were left shook to the core.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the guy told a juicy story  and the whole time he spoke, this was us:

The guy reflected on how, one day as he was chilling with his mates eating pap and morogo with chakalaka on the side, some guys pulled up in their expensive rides and started looking down on them.

The attitude he tells the story with is everything and the person on the other side of the mic's shock is hilarious. 

It's equally important to note that: the fact that this article is written in English by a black Pedi girl, should assure you that we don't think it's particularly amazing that a young South African is speaking a vernac language. In fact it's about time.

However, there is no taking away from how entertaining it is that this white guy is doing a better job than some of our friends, who aren't Venda.  

Twitter has already decided the white guy can keep his piece of land. 

Perhaps it's time for some of us to be more serious about learning more South African languages...

P.S. It's gonna take more than watching Muvhango for you to learn the language fam. Goodluck!