Pastor Mboro believes he can 'help you get the land back'

Forget love back, pastor will get your acres back

18 April 2018 - 09:55 By Kyle Zeeman
Pastor Mboro is tired of people using his name to sell fake stories.
Pastor Mboro is tired of people using his name to sell fake stories.
Image: Via Incredible Happenings Facebook

Pastor Paseka "Mboro" Motsoeneng is all about uplifting the community and recently announced that he will not only be building 50 houses for people but can also help them settle any land or building disputes they may have.

You see, Mboro is turning 50 and to celebrate he wants to do the most for people, even those outside of his church.

In a video, Mboro said he was asked by people to help them get land and fix their broken houses, and encouraged them to open their hearts and let him pray for them.

"They can no longer live in their leaking houses. They cannot live in their leaking shacks. Some are homeless. Some don't have land. Some have tried everything they can but there is no progress in their lives. Now we need to take God in his word and decided to move forward."

He said people should SMS him their issues on 36443 ask for his help and he will do his best to fix the situation.

But if data is an issue, the pastor did a prayer that he believes should help anyone struggling.

"Start with these words: 'Dear God, in the name of Jesus, bless my home. I need land. I need a house. I need a blessing Lord, I agree with ntate Mboro for the change of my life and home. Lord, I declare the blessings onto my loved ones. Let us work together and break the cycle of poverty'. Be blessed, God bless you."

If Mboro is to be believed he has already helped the community resolve an issue over electricity.

He said that he even diffuse a situation where it was claimed that protesters over electricity were going to burn down a shopping centre, only for the pastor to tell community leaders that the situation was in control and there would be no fire.