*Knock, knock* Can someone tell AKA to answer the door for Skolopad?

Sis has been trying to get the Mega's attention.

19 April 2018 - 13:14 By Kyle Zeeman
Skolopad has been taking Ls from AKA but she stays hopeful.
Skolopad has been taking Ls from AKA but she stays hopeful.
Image: Via Skolopad's Instagram

Shame, since Euphonik served Skolopad with a massive L for suggesting she could help him get over Bonang, the star has been knocking on AKA's door trying to get a collab, love letter or even just a mention.

Hardly a week goes by without the singer and socialite shooting off a tweet to AKA, either in response to something he's tweeted or just nje.

Sis took her shot again this week when she slid onto his page like...

Her request? A small nyana feature.

Skolopad passed the tea and explained her motives. You see, she has a list- a whole list- of collabs and AKA is the last one on it.

"I have a list and AKA is the last one on my list. It is just that people take me for granted and I still say one day they'll say I'm a big headed ke hlanyantshwa ke fame forgetting they had their chance. Baitseba". 

AKA left her hanging  but it's not the first time the Mega has blanked her. Skolopad has BEEN getting blue ticked and often it's quite cringe-worthy.

Like that time she got a birthday cake and thought it was from the Mega.

Skolopad was still buzzing from the icing sugar on her birthday when she took to Twitter to tell her mense that AKA made her night (and day) by sending a cake. 

It turned out that AKA DID NOT send the cake and the icing just read, "To Nonhlanhla Qwabe AKA Skolopad"

or that time she told AKA she would drink his watermelon vodka

Sis knew that AKA was proud of his Cruz Vodka deal and was flaunting it all over the Twitter streets. So, she told him that she would come for some soon and was even willing to break her "no alcohol" rule for him. 

Talk about being thirsty.

Or that time she congratulated him on another deal and got told by fans to sit this one out.

Problem was she used a picture of Ma Winnie only days after she had died. Fans were out with pitchforks to tell her it was too soon.

Skolopad left the scene like...

Or that time she pulled in with the first trick in the flirt book but got voicemail.

After AKA posted about one of his performances, Skolopad rushed to his page to ask him why she was not invited. It was the classic first move.

Unfortunately her mission to risk it all had to be aborted when she got a return to sender message that the dude ain't responding. 

The dude swerved her like...