Sjoe! Euphonik schools Tito Mboweni

21 April 2018 - 13:00 By Karishma Thakurdin
DJ Euphonik defends the role DJs play in society.
DJ Euphonik defends the role DJs play in society.
Image: Daniel Born

The former reserve bank governor, Tito Mboweni was probably never ready for Euphonik's firm yet spicy clapback to comments he made about DJs. 

Euphonik was minding his own business earlier this week when he stumbled upon a tweet from the former governor, who questioned what young people were doing with their freedom. 

In the tweet Tito implied that being a DJ was somewhat of a waste. 


Of course did not take the comment lightly and had some strong words for the former governor. 

DJ Black Coffee also weighed in on the comments. Yes, governor, thee Black Coffee who is recognised across the globe. 

Black Coffee mentioned how he's managed to make a difference to the lives of thousands of people by being a DJ. 

Askies governor. But that was not a very good move.