The bets are open! Will The Queen's Petronella tell on Bakang?

25 April 2018 - 08:43 By Kyle Zeeman
Will Thato Molamo's character Bakang finally be caught out?
Will Thato Molamo's character Bakang finally be caught out?
Image: Supplied/ Ferguson Films

Eish! Just when we thought that The Queen was done beating our feelings like a WWE wrestler forcing someone into a choke hold,  another twist came along after Thato Molamo's character, Bakang, landed in trouble.

Fam, remember when Bakang's dad found out that both he and Bakang had slept with the same women, Vee? D.R.A.M.A! Well it seems Bakang's romantic escapades didn't end there. Despite winning over Vee, Bakang was seen kissing Goodness (played by Zenande Mfenyana) this week.

Unfortunately for them, Petronella was in the house and saw all the action.

Petronella looked like she had seen a ghost when she walked in and almost dropped her bucket. 

"No. No. I didn't see anything," she told them, before fleeing the scene.

From that moment on, the Twitter betting shops were open with people predicting whether Petronella was gonna tell Vee.

Our bet: We think Petronella is totes going to tell. Here's why!

She like a good gossip

Petronella can't wait to have her friends over and spill some tea over a plate of scones and jam. She's BEEN dishing already. 

Petronella and Vee are tight

Heaven only knows how Vee and Petronella are friends, but whenever Petronella wants to get things off her chest, she tells Vee.