Y'all say Cassper is too materialistic? Here's what he thinks

27 April 2018 - 14:00
By Kyle Zeeman
Cassper Nyovest put a follower in her place.
Image: Via Cassper's Instagram Cassper Nyovest put a follower in her place.

Cassper may have a house bigger than your hood and more cars in the garage than coins in our wallet, but don't tell him to chill with the materialism.

The rapper has been hauled to Twitter court several times for "showing off" his lifestyle and he's been called "fake humble" so many times he could trademark the phrase. Often he won't respond to the hate but it seems someone caught the dude in the wrong mood.

Cass had a showdown with a fan this week and sent a clear message to all those saying he is too materialistic. Here, we'll break it down for you in three simple tweets:

Cass hits the Twitter streets this week  to tell them about him meeting Ishmael


It's a great story with an inspiring message, but some followers obviously thought that Cassper mentioning the BMW Coupe was a little extra.

The fan hit the reply button and let Cass know she was tired of the "material talk"


Yup, that time the Tsibipians were sharpening their axes and getting ready to declare war on her.

But then Cassper stepped in and pretty much told her she can take a ticket and wait outside if she's coming for him.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE shortly after buying his first Bentley, Cassper said he was just trying to inspire young 'uns to dream big when he blew up his social with pics and comments about his riches.

“You know‚ I drove the Bentley home to Mafikeng last week and all the kids just started running after the car. They already knew the car. I mean‚ these are the same kids who used to see me chilling in the corner with people who used to do drugs. Some of my friends were thieves‚ some are in jail and some are dead. If you cannot appreciate a young black man‚ who comes from nothing and now drives a Bentley‚ then you have a problem‚ not me.”