God will forgive you but I won’t – #Yobe mom brings flames

02 May 2018 - 09:26 By Kyle Zeeman
Siyabonga Twala is the host of Yobe.
Siyabonga Twala is the host of Yobe.
Image: Supplied

Twitter was in all kinds of shambles on Tuesday evening after a convicted murderer took to reality show Yobe to ask forgiveness for hitting a pensioner with a hammer.

Ntate spent three years of a six-year sentence in prison and went on to the show to try to make things right.

He said that he expected them to forgive him because they were Christian but when he asked the wife of his victim to forgive him, she hit him with a lightning blow of "God will forgive you but not me."

From there she dropped bars like a Kendrick Lamar album and had people gasping for breath.

While the masses were still getting over that, Ntate's mother was getting dragged for explaining that she did not visit ugogo because she was too busy with washing.

The Twitter courts cancelled her excuse and delivered their verdict in memes and stinging messages.

The drama took its toll on people, who made their feelings towards the episode known online.