Wait, did Denise Zimba defend Kanye West’s slavery comments?

03 May 2018 - 11:41 By Chrizelda Kekana
Denise Zimba seems to see the "logic" in Kanye's slavery comment.
Denise Zimba seems to see the "logic" in Kanye's slavery comment.
Image: Via Denise's Instagram

As thousands of people continue to debate Kanye West's statement that slavery was a choice for black people, Denise Zimba has added her two cents to the debate, saying she understands the rapper's logic and doesn't think he's crazy... at all.

Kanye went and called slavery a choice, which ruffled up black people's feathers the wrong way... then just as people were trying to move on, Denise showed up saying she "understands" Kanye's statement, which requires a certain amount of woke that apparently only 10% of human beings have.

In addition to the fact that Kanye's statement was "careless" to say the least, his statement upset a lot of black people, who retaliated with history lessons.

Kanye wasn't swayed, it doesn't seem like Denise is either. 

After all, she did say that only 10% of the world is woke enough to understand Kanye or Dick Gregory.

The reaction, was uhm unkind to say the least.

So basically, Twitter is saying to Denise: