Kanye West been confusing you? Here's a conspiracy theory that will blow your mind!

08 May 2018 - 15:09 By Chrizelda Kekana
According to Snowcone's theory when Kanye West said "Slavery Is A Choice" it was all part of a bigger plan.
According to Snowcone's theory when Kanye West said "Slavery Is A Choice" it was all part of a bigger plan.
Image: Via Instagram/Kanye West

If you are a fan of conspiracy theories then this is for you. If you are not and they confuse the Yeezus out of you then this is for you too: A conspiracy theory created in the name of trying to understand everything Kanye West has been tweeting and saying.

Now, since Kanye's return on Twitter, he has been just toying with our feelings and just poking us in very uncomfortable places with his "free mind" philosophies.

We've been through a lot since Kanye's Twitter was resurrected but the latest of his "stunts" was his "slavery was a choice" comment that left most of us shook.

However, the theory here is that Kanye is in fact "in the middle of a performance art piece" and the clues have been right in front of us the whole time.

This Snowcone dude on Twitter has offered us a very lengthy although much-needed explainer behind Kanye's logic. It's a conspiracy theory, but it might connect a lot of dots for us.

Okay so the thread is really, like really long. There is also a HUGE chance that our beloved Snowcone will lose you there for a minute or two but hang on, okay? Okay.

Here we go. So the first thing you apparently need to know that a dude called Tremaine Emory is a vital part of the theory. This (below) is him. He is a friend of Kanye's that has also collaborated with him.

In the tweets that follow, Snowcone sets the context of his supporting statements that Kanye is pulling "a Kanye" on us as part of his art experiment thingie.

He uses the images tweeted by Kanye when he re-joined Twitter. Two involving David Hammons and the third and fourth involving Joseph Beuys. He says they eventually explain that Kanye is on a mission to “turn racist cliches (spade) on its head.” 

The theorist says Kanye has gotten close to people like Trump to live in his experience for the sake of the art.

"I believe Kanye is doing a modern take on Beuys piece with the coyote. He’s embraced what might be considered the coyote of today. Gotten close to it. Trump, Candace Owens, Alt Right. Maybe he sees this as a better chance to “tame” the coyote than more traditional methods.

Crazy right? Yes, but he continues.

Snowcone goes on to explain that Kanye is actually taking a book out of Andy kaufman's book.

We hope we haven't lost you because... uhm... it gets a tad more crazy. 

So, this guy says that Kanye has a bigger picture that involves "an artist who took a racist symbol and flipped it to give it new meaning."

He also brings back Kanye's friend, yes that very important one from the beginning. He says that Tremaine guy is involved because he replied to one of Kanye's tweets with the words: The prestige.

So, with all of that said, what Snowie is saying (yes, we gave him a nickname) is that Kanye is tricking all of us. He's just out'chere making us angry and forcing debate out of us for his upcoming project.

But there's more... Kanye is hoping to "change" the meaning of racism through his art. It will all be clearer after he releases his album. Apparently.

So... look, Snowie goes on for another six to 12 information-loaded tweets.

Our brains are just about to be fried from all this dot connecting, so here's a conclusion for you real quick!


However, if Snowcone is right then Kanye will explain himself and confront racism (also Trump and co. about their racism) and we will all live happily ever after, with his album playing on our devices.


Wow... that was a lot to take in!