OUCH | Bow Wow disses the Met Gala, Twitter tells him to get invited first

09 May 2018 - 11:27 By Chrizelda Kekana
Rapper Bow Wow dissed the Met Gala and Twitter came for him!
Rapper Bow Wow dissed the Met Gala and Twitter came for him!
Image: Via Instagram

You would think Bow Wow would have learnt not to ruffle feathers on social media, but the rapper went and dissed the Met Gala and, well,  let's just say he was never ready for Twitter.

Bow Wow, who Twitter just concluded was salty because he wasn't invited or couldn't afford a ticket, took to Twitter to speak about how the Met Gala was actually just "bougie" halloween party.


The reaction was brutal.

Bow Wow hasn't actually been able to say anything on social media without being attacked since that embarrasing #BowWowChallenge.

Tweeps guessed all the reasons the rapper could have for dissing the Met Gala.

One tweep decided to educate him on the charity aspect of the gala.

Obvs a bit more braver than that time he "lied" about a private jet, Bow Wow tried to stand up for himself.

Bow Wow said he didn't care about the charity aspect of it because he could do just as much without going to the party.

Meanwhile, Twitter was not having that convo with Bow Wow hey. All they were saying the whole time was...