Twitter wants to stop Prince leaving The Queen for 'Bassie gig'

09 May 2018 - 10:09 By Kyle Zeeman
Moshe Ndiki plays the role of Prince on The Queen.
Moshe Ndiki plays the role of Prince on The Queen.
Image: Via Instagram

Can someone please just put The Queen on pause and let us breath? Our emotions are done after Prince (played by Moshe Ndiki) left the show to become "Bassie Kumalo's stylist".

Seriously, our emotions...

Prince has been slaying audiences with his flamboyant personality and sharp tongue, but after Shaka pulled a gun on him and told him to leave, people feared for the worst and started writing his obituary.

His bae Bheki stood up for him but, side note, we need answers on how every character on the show seems to have a gun and pull it out like a cellphone every time ish is going down.

Bheki eventually broke up with Prince, leaving him heartbroken.

The rainbow at the end of the tunnel was Prince getting a gig working for Bassie, but the writing was on the wall: Prince is leaving The Queen.

Prince's decision had the internet filled with peeps wanting to sign the petition to keep their fav on screens.

Here's a few reasons why we can't actually deal without Prince on our screens.

He isn't scared to kick butt 

He's always there for tea and a good listen

He's spicy AF!

He literally saves lives, and businesses, with his drama

He's always thinking about his "walk-in closet"