WATCH | Zodwa dishes out free kisses to randoms, fans line-up!

09 May 2018 - 10:37 By Jessica Levitt
Germs? Nah. Zodwa just wants to please.
Germs? Nah. Zodwa just wants to please.
Image: Instagram

Sjoe! While we're here with our hand sanitizer at our desks, Zodwa Wabantu has zero f's to give and has sommer been dishing out free smooches to fans at her shows.

Zodwa posted a video of herself leaning in, giving all those that wanted some love, exactly that.

Although there is no tongue action (although one guy did try and get in there) peeps on social media have warned Zodwa to be aware of germs.

"Are you out there kissing random people? That’s nasty, you can catch something or get sick. There’s bacteria in people’s mouth. Idk how ppl can just kiss random people," wrote one person.

"I wonder how many u kissed unfortunately they forgot to brush their teeth or had bleeding gum but tats none of business," said another.

Zodwa, well, clearly she ain't concerned. Check out the full clip.