Awks! Musa Mthombeni's mom wants grandkids from Thuso Mbedu

11 May 2018 - 09:37 By Karishma Thakurdin
Musa Mthombeni seems to have it bad for Thuso Mbedu.
Musa Mthombeni seems to have it bad for Thuso Mbedu.
Image: Austin Malema

We're not quite sure if this is super cute or super embarrassing, but we all know that mothers can be a bit extra some times. 

Well, here's what went down with Musa Mthombeni's mom and you can be the judge. 

So while Musa and those close to Akhumzi Jezile were mourning his death, Musa's mom grabbed the opportunity to let actress Thuso Mbedu know that she's waiting for grandchildren.  

Taking to Twitter a few days after the incident, Musa said his mom had reached a new level of needy. 

Apparently she cornered Thuso after the funeral to ask her why she wasn't giving Musa a chance and was depriving her of grandchildren. 

Thuso, being the respectful young woman she is, admitted to being taken aback, but found it all quite cute. 

Even though Thuso handled it all in jest, Musa's mama must have had the idea planted in her head from somewhere right? 

And, we bet Musa crushing on Thuso is exactly what gave his mama hope. 

Here's two other times that Musa showed he's got it bad for Thuso.