Kertrice talks growing up in Germany & growing her star power back in SA

11 May 2018 - 08:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Kertrice Maitisa moved around a lot as a kid.
Kertrice Maitisa moved around a lot as a kid.
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While being well travelled has its own advantages, one of the most drastic effects of growing up in different places is felt only later when you're is trying to narrow down on your identity.

For Muvhango actress, Kertrice Maitisa, it was the realisation that she didn't fully know her identity as a young black woman that made her realise she missed out on experiencing a big part of who she was, while she was abroad.

"I was lucky in that I've always been able to just walk up to anyone, talk and make friends. The only problem that I maybe had was that there were more caucasian people that side, so I didn't have a lot of black friends aside from family and cousins back home."

Kertrice is from Mamelodi West, Pretoria but when she was six years old her family moved to Germany. After four years they moved back to SA, but stayed in Cape Town before coming back to Gauteng.

Kertrice said luckily for her, she never had a problem making friends, but as she started understanding issues like race, traditions and culture, she realised she still had a lot to learn.

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In her first year through a play called Rainbow Scars, about a black girl raised by white parents as a white person, Kertrice's eyes were opened to how much she still wanted to know.

She said it was then where she decided she wanted to delve deeper into her cultural and and traditional roots as a young black woman.

"That I had missed out on properly learning my mother tongue and being fluent in Sepedi. I missed out learning things that are important in my culture and growing up in a community that reinforced who I am."

The 24-year-old said she didn't blame her parents who did the best with what they had for her sake. She added that it was all part of her life journey and had it's pros and cons as everything else did in life.

"I had a lovely childhood and even when I got to Germany, I learnt German quite quickly. But I was still young."

"It isn't something I am angry about because my parents did what they could with what they had at that time."

The actress said she made a point to start about learning about her culture, especially for her craft.

"So I took upon myself to learn. I also realised that with the career I have chosen it is extremely important for me to invest more time in learning about that part of myself and languages."

Well, kudos to you girl!