ALL LOVED UP! | Proverb & Liesl serve major couple goals

12 May 2018 - 07:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Proverb and Liesl Laurie are just too cute for words.
Proverb and Liesl Laurie are just too cute for words.
Image: Via Twitter

The boyfriend olympics have been getting more and more hectic over the years, but Liesl and Proverb have just reminded us that it's the basics that matter: simple happiness and random photoshoots.

The pair shared a series of cute snaps that had Mzansi melting with admiration.

In a simple, outside the main door stoep photoshoot, they tugged at our heartstrings with their cute emoji slippers.

Just as we were soaking in all that cuteness, Liesl and Proverb switched up on us and pulled that 'Mr and Mrs Smith' look.

The Air I Breathe..

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Looking classy in black and white the pair wore suits that complimented each other and still individually stood out. They looked 'TLEAN' as the the cool kids would say.

Out'chere dripping Bonnie and Clyde vibes!

Suited for each other 🖤

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Some tweeps got caught up in how the two linked up.

You know, with Pro having had a public break up from his previous partner and stuff, but look everybody has a past, what matters now is that this pair is happy.

Just look at those smiles!

S. M. I. L. E 💋

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Love always wins!