Here's why Zodwa can't stop giving her clothes away

12 May 2018 - 11:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Zodwa gave away clothes worth thousands of rand.
Zodwa gave away clothes worth thousands of rand.
Image: Via Zodwa's Instagram

Remember how Zodwa once told the world that she's stacking her coins for retirement and will do anything to get those cheques? Well it seems that Zodwa has got to star mode and can now afford to give her clothes away for free.

If you are lucky enough to see her live, you might want to take a plastic bag with you because the dancer has developed a habit of taking off her clothes and giving them to fans.

She did it with a pair of shoes two weeks ago...

And she did it again with a top and larnie jacket this past weekend  

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Zodwa said she decided to share her wardrobe after being given so many clothes she doesn't know how to deal.

"Designers always come to me with clothing for me to wear on stage and sometimes I already have an outfit. I don't want to wear the same things over and over again so I know I will never wear it again. That is why I decided to give it to my people. I am Zodwa of the people and I must look after my people."

She was shy to spill how much the clothes had cost but said:

The white jacket was a designer Guess piece not yet out in stores said to retail around R2,600

The sequence top was a special design that came at a "special price".

The shoes were bought at a boutique in London recently. "I didn't look at the price because it was in pounds anyways," she explained.

The good news is that Zodwa says she has no plan to stop giving away her clothes- just not her panties again!