WATCH | So the Backstreet Boys are back - Are you here for it?

18 May 2018 - 08:35 By Jessica Levitt
The boys are back.
The boys are back.
Image: Via Backstreet Boys YouTube

In 2017 the Backstreet Boys launched a residency in Las Vegas, Larger Than Life, to massive fanfare. That was the first major signal that they'd be making a musical return. Then they signed with a new recording label and their song, God, Your Mama and Me, with country duo, Florida Georgia Line, did well on the country charts in the US.

But now they've made what many consider their first mainstream return to the music scene with their new single, Don't Go Breaking My Heart.

The song will form part of a new album release - their first in five years.

Loyal fans stood by their guys. Yup, the fanatical love continues.

But, of course, some folks have moved on.

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