Zodwa goes (nearly) naked: So you're scared of a body more than your sins?

18 May 2018 - 09:07
By Jessica Levitt
Hate Zodwa? She doesn't give af.
Image: Instagram Hate Zodwa? She doesn't give af.

Shuuu. Zodwa Wabantu has never been one to hide her body and she says she'll continue to do so because she's a woman and proud of her curves.

So every time she decides to flash more than a little skin and her haters come for her, telling her she should cover up, it really just pushes her harder.

Zodwa, who was recently in Perth, gave her haters the middle finger, again, after getting hate for the way she dresses.

"So you'll are scared of a naked body more than your sins," she wrote alongside one of the snaps.

As usual, she doesn't give a damn and posted two pictures of herself bending over.

Way to spread a message.